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29.08.2016 12:37 Alter: 178 days

BLQ in Denver und Dublin vertreten

Vortrag und Poster

Vortrag:               Martin Zarnkow, Lei Zhang, Stefan Biberger, Andreas Frank, Fritz Jacob: Influence of Grist Fractions on Final Beer Quality. World Brewing Congress – Denver, Colorado 2016

Poster:                 Maximilian Michel, Tim-Meier-Dörnberg, Martin Zarnkow, Fritz Jacob, Mathias Hutzler: Screening for the brewing ability of non-Saccharomyces yeast and optimization of fermentation performance of one Torulaspora delbrueckii strain found suitable for beer production. World Brewing Congress – Denver, Colorado 2016

Poster:                 Lorenzo Peyer, Kieran Lynch, Marcel de Kruijf, Jim O’Mahony, Lorenzo DeColli, Martin Danaher, Martin Zarnkow, Fritz Jacob, Elke Arendt: Application of Lactobacillus brevisR2Δ as an Antifungal Culture to Improve Safety and Quality of Malt and Beer. IUFOST 2016, 18th World Conference of Food Science and Technology, Dublin



Poster: Alexander Lauterbach*, Tim Meier-Dörnberg*, Mathias Hutzler, Jürgen Behr, Rudi F. Vogel: The potential of MALDI-TOF MS for sensotyping of brewing yeasts. World Brewing Congress - Denver Colorado 2016