Oat grain over the entire malting process (unmalted grain to cleaned kilned malt). Oat malt germ bud and endosperm magnified x40 (CLSM, Olympus FV300), yellow = cell walls and β-glucan, green = starch granules, red = protein (Diploma thesis, Jörg Helbing, UCC and TUM, Herrmann Reichenwallner, Dr. Martin Zarnkow)

This field of activity is the link between theory and practice. Industrial topics are scientifically investigated in short-term or long-term projects. The long-term objective is to use these findings to develop tailored analysis packages for consultation purposes. The Research Center has a wide variety of state-of-the-art and highly sensitive analysis equipment for this purpose, operated by scientists and extensively trained technicians. The Research Center also has a large number of proven pilot plants to produce samples on a small scale (see pilot plant). This set-up and focus ensures that we are always on the lookout for new approaches and issues in the brewing and beverage sector.