Pilot Brewery

The pilot brewing plant in the department for technology and development makes it possible to run any variety of trials to manufacture the most diverse beers in accordance with both the German Purity Law and by using unmalted cereals and/or country-specific starch carriers, as well as all kinds of unfermented and fermented malt beverages and malt mix beverages.

We perform test runs from trial products to the finished beer/beverage, both as part of research and on a contract basis:

For product development:

•  mashing method
•  fermentation method 
•  testing of suitable yeasts/microorganisms 
•  ageing process
•  filterability (3 different filtration test stations)

For the processability of ingredients such as:

•  new barley/malt vintages 
•  unmalted and malted cereals and pseudo-cereals of all kinds
•  country-specific starch carriers
•  diverse hop varieties/hop products

And to test “new” technologies.