Dear Sirs,

in connection with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic disease, the Weihenstephan Research Centre (BLQ) is classified as systemically important for ensuring the supply of drinking water, beverages and food and will resume laboratory operations on 23 March 2020, taking into account the legal requirements and taking all necessary precautionary measures for our staff and customers.

Our customer advisors and diveison managers will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Weihenstephan Research Centre for Brewing and Food Quality

Phone: +49 8161 71-3333
Fax: +49 8161 71-4181

Best regards from Weihenstephan, 

Prof. Dr. Fritz Jacob

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The Research Center Weihenstephan for Brewing and Food Quality (BLQ) is a core institute of the Technical University of Munich.

As a modern research company, it offers an extensive range of services, holds seminars and works on public and industry-funded research projects. It is involved in teaching and therefore acts as a key link between research, teaching, and practice.