Advantages of TUM Yeast

Microscopic image of the top-fermenting wheat beer yeast strain LeoBavaricus® – TUM 68 (R) (Dr. Herbert Vogel)

The Yeast Center Weihenstephan offers international shipping of yeast strains and other microorganisms used in industry. It also offers services and consultation in relation to yeast and microorganisms used in industry.

Your benefits:


  • Easy and quick to purchase brewery yeasts, wherever you are in the world
  • Technological and microbiological characterization of the provided yeast strains
  • Microbiological quality control in accordance with the guidelines of an accredited laboratory
  • Investigation into brewery-specific problems relating to yeast technology
  • Consultation, technical and technological support
  • Yeast strain-specific research and development
  • Safe storage of a brewery-owned strains
  • Purity testing
  • Pure culture cultivation
  • Cultivation of a permanent culture (cryoculture at -80 °C)
  • The cultures are tested for purity before dispatch using PCR and culture medium

Orders and enquiries

by e-mail to: hefezentrum.blq.wzw[at] by Fax: +49-(0)8161 71-4184 by telephone: +49-(0)8161 71-2456