New publication on the production process and the characterization of the Guatemalan artisanal fermented beverages Boj and Suchiles

This study provides the manufacturing process and the main physicochemical characteristics to

describe the Guatemalan artisanal beverages Boj and Suchiles. Flow charts were established for

the manufacturing processes of these two indigenous fermented beverages of Guatemala.

Physicochemical characteristics were analyzed to determine the degree of action of the

microorganisms responsible for the alcoholic fermentations. Boj and Suchiles are produced

throughout the year using regional ingredients such as sugarcane and pineapple. Boj is especially

popular in the northern city of Coban and Suchiles in Guatemala City and Antigua, Guatemala.

Although they have cultural relevance, few scientific studies about these beverages exist. The

process and raw materials used to elaborate Boj and Suchiles were documented, and samples

were taken to conduct the physicochemical characterization of both beverages.


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